Criminal Defense Investigations

A defense investigator accurately verifies and validates all the work that has been presented by the District Attorney's Office to your attorneys. Too often what is in written in a police report is not accurate as to how things occurred or what was said. We investigate misdemeanor, a felony, capital death, and habeas cases. We re-interview alleged victims, complaining witnesses, minors, and reporting parties. We attempt to identify new witnesses that were not discovered by the police or investigating agency to provide a new avenue for your defense case. We are another set of eyes and ears for your attorney.

Civil & Complex Litigation

During a civil litigation investigation, we collect data and supporting materials to assist the attorneys in preparation of lawsuit claiming damages. We uncover, assemble, and discover evidence for a civil trial. Although every lawsuit is complicated, we have matters dealing with high dollar claims, lengthy trial, and working directly with more than one attorney, including cases which are considered as complex by the courts. We have extensive knowledge working wrongful death claims and collaboratively work with reconstruction experts.

Workplace Internal & Sexual Harassment Investigations

Internal investigations often consist of interviewing all employees associated with a company. We gather information for companies, without the bias "in-house" investigators may have, and collaborate with employment counsel or human resources department.

Pre-Trial & Trial Preparation

Our attorneys see us as a member of their team. Therefore, our trial presences are often requested. We assist attorneys with witness testimony, subpoenas, courtroom observation, off-site meetings, expert contractors, background and social history of clients.

Immigration Defense Investigations

We work directly with your defense immigration attorney in obtaining statements, in-custody interviews, character witnesses letters, family guidance, translation, and criminal background reports. We are qualified and fluent Spanish speaking investigators.

Surveillance Intelligence

You do not want to handle matters on your own and jeopardize yourself by doing your surveillance. Our surveillance team obtains the recorded video, photographs, and document findings. Whether it be to uncover a deceitful partner, an abusive worker's compensation activity, or needing information to support your litigation. We are licensed private investigators who know how to legally document and testify in court regarding footage obtained.

Estate & Elder Investigations

Our firm works with attorney and families in issues involving estates and elder financial abuse, including interviewing and locating missing heirs. We use our database to find assets, wills, neighbors, and family members (locally or internationally). We obtain statements, which may assist in the analysis to ensure the authenticity of documentation provided to your attorney.

Family Law Investigations

It is difficult when dealing with a divorce, child or adoption custody case. We work with your attorney in developing your family case. We gather relevant information; statements, documents, surveillance, financial background history, and verification of employment and social media activity. Also, we have been successful in working with families who have been in search of missing adult and juvenile members.

Social Media Experts

The internet, software, and technology are so pervasive that we can’t remember having ever lived without them. They make our lives more straightforward, but behind the curtain present fluctuating challenges. Our firm stays two steps ahead of ever-changing social media. We've used social media in our criminal defense, family law, missing persons, and civil cases. We work directly with a social media expert in capturing evidence for your situation.

Background & Asset Investigations Databases

We have an in-house 24-hour background database that allows us to perform checks of individuals or companies. We search public records, court filings, and criminal or civil charges on file. Searches provide financial state and federal tax liens, bankruptcies, LLC, professional licenses, past and former neighbors, and driver history. Pre-employment background history.