Raquel is a thoughtful and thorough investigator who has shown through her diligent work ethic a knack of getting crucial information in many types of cases. Working with her at Santa Clara Public Defender’s Office showed me first hand that a great investigator makes a huge difference. I highly recommend her investigative services.
— Sergio Jimenez, Councilmember, City of San Jose

Ms. Aragón is pleasant and “low key,” with a disarming smile. Undoubtedly that contributes to her ability to obtain information which a witness might otherwise be reluctant to disclose or even discuss. She is definitely not the “heavy handed” police detective one often encounters in the private investigative field.
— Robert L. Kern, Attorney at Law

Raquel is smart, talented, and confident investigator with the experience to get the job done. Most investigators I have worked with in the past simply want to get assignment and do the work. Raquel doesn’t simply go through the motions. What I like most about her is her ability to think through difficult situations to get the results we need.
— Jeffrey S. Vallens, Esq., Attorney at Law, www.4criminaldefense.com

I hired Ms. Aragón to conduct pre-employment background investigation. As a result, I was hired with one of the largest multinational technology company.
— Liza A., Ontario, CA